Why the med

Because it’s a place you’ll keep discovering, a place full of colors, music, culture, and we never get tired of absorbing its magical energy. And, above all because of we are Mediterraneans.

Sardinia: Chia by bike


Ancestral and mysterious, this exotic island is an ultimate destination for curious explorers. You’ll be enchanted by dramatic scenarios as well by its distinctive culture.


Sicily: citrus fruits


Sicily is Kaleidoscopic. The richness of this island manifests itself through architecture, art, culture, and obviously in the food. Expect nothing less than falling deep in love.


Corsica: Calvì


Corsica is a rough mountain rising from an enchanting sea. As simple as that. The island was called Kallistè (the most beautiful) from Greeks, and really it’s an ultimate paradise for active tourism.


Tuscany: a typical medieval small town


Tuscany is a region where you can definitely experience “La Dolce Vita”. Like its landscape, the style of life is smooth and relaxed, with a strong agricultural heritage.


The Amalfi Coast

Naples and Amalfi

Prepare yourself to a daily surprise, from the flamboyant Naples to the undisputed beauty of Costiera Amalfitana and the eroic agricultural landscape of Cilento, in a legendary land where history left several astounding archaeological sites.

Dalmatian coast landscape


Nestled at the oriental borders of Europe, its troubled history created a dynamic country full of energy. The charm of Croatian towns mixes with a casual lifestyle, as you’ll experience in the elegant hotels hosted in ancient palaces and in retreats immersed in the nature.

Alps and Dolimites by Bike

Alps and Dolomites

The Alps and the Dolomites are the Mecca of all road cycling enthusiasts. Relive the legendary deeds that have made the history of the Giro and the Tour, diving into the valleys and climbing the highest peaks in Europe.

Castel del Monte Puglia Italy


A bucolic landscape, dotted with bizarre cone-shaped roofs, peaceful whitewashed villages shining in the sun, elegant Baroque towns, centuries-old olive trees that look like sculptures, expanses of vineyards as far as the eye can see and coastlines with dream beaches: this is Puglia guys!

Coming Soon…

Cycling in Albania


Imagine riding your bike on roads with no cars, surrounded by the nature and smile of the amiable locals. Have a break in a bar, taste the local food, have a chat, take your time… You are in Albania.

Cycling in Veneto

The land of Venice

From the snow-capped peaks of the majestic Dolomites to the lands of Garda lake, till the Venice lagoon. A changing landscape perfect for riding your bike and making memories that last a lifetime.

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