Strive Challenge 2018

Virgin Strive Challenge
Virgin Strive Challenge

Cooperation is our main ingredient to realize great events

Our season is almost complete and we’ve had many great guests, among them we’ve had Sir Richard Branson.
We are writing about it today since it is the anniversary of our official involvement in the Strive Challenge event 2018 ( where a “group of entrepreneurs, thought leaders, disruptors, philanthropists, inspirational speakers, extraordinary young people and educational trailblazers will form a diverse tribe of Big Changers, striving to transform the way we support the next generation”.
It was a one month adventure, starting from Pula in Sardinia until to the summit of Mont Blanc, and we are proud to have been part of the event for the Sardinia and Corsican stages.

A real challenge, also for us!

Since the moment we received the first call of Cassie from Threshold there wasn’t a day without communication with them. It has been challenging since the beginning, we were supposed to organize the whole event in spring and starting from Sardinia east coast, then situation has changed and we had to swap to west coast and at the end of summer.
All with a short notice, of course 🙂
But we like challenges, and with a bit of brainstorming (lots of storming), we managed to find a solution, actually A solution 😉

Our Strive Challenge in numbers

  • 130 people the whole group
  • 3 outdoor activities: cycling, kayaking, sailing
  • 30 people on our team
  • 15 hotel involved
  • 5 Vans
  • 1 Vespa
  • 3 Cycling guides
  • 80 Bikes
  • 80 Kayaks
  • 35 Towns in Sardinia
  • 16 Towns in Corsica
  • So, long story short, this is to say a big GRAZIE to Cassie, Maz, Scullie, Peter, Pippa and to all Threeshold team for choose us.

Always ready for another adventure with you all!

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