Guided bike tour
Guided bike tour

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Cycling and active tours are a good starting point to meet new interesting people, taste good food and wine, enjoy natural landscapes and being immersed in the local culture.

So we propose some scheduled tours with selected partners, sharing our passion “to become locals” during our holidays.

Here you can find our upcoming dates and join one of our scheduled departures

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3 islands – Corsica, Sardinia and Sicily – with Ride and Seek

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Ride with us across 3 sun-kissed islands at the crossroads of the Mediterranean

Split into 3 stages, each a week long, the 3 Islands Tour is a journey through the history, food, architecture and traditions of these Mediterranean jewels.

The exceptional diversity of the islands is represented through the numerous civilisations and cultures that have left their mark, the amazing gastronomic variations, the strikingly rugged interior landscapes paired with stunning coastlines of white beaches and emerald waters, and locals with an incredibly strong sense of place.

The Mediterranean charm is truly at the heart of this tour.

Corsica, Calvi


Length: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Distance: 577km / 358mi
Elevation: 9329m / 30607ft
Dates: June 04/11 2022
Price: 3.430 €

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Sardinia, Castelsardo


Length: 8 Days / 7 Nights
Distance: 507km / 315mi
Elevation: 7932m / 26024ft
Dates: June 11-18 2022
Price: 3.430 €

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Sicily, Agrigento


Length: 8 Days / 7Nights
Distance: 636 km / 395mi
Elevation: 7426m / 24363ft
Dates: June 19-26 2022
Price: 3.430 €

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Island Discovery

Islands Discovery
Corsica, Sardinia & Sicily

Length: 22 Days / 21 Nights
Distance: 1720km / 1068mi
Elevation: 24687m / 80994ft
Dates: June 04-26 2021
Price: 9.750 €

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