At Mediterras, your journey is much more than a holiday; it's an immersion into the lifeblood of our culture.

Experience the Enchanting Beauty of Sardinia on Two Wheels

Experience Our Land Like Never Before
Mediterras isn’t just a tour operator; we are storytellers, history keepers, and your local friends. Guided by passionate local experts, our bike tours in Sardinia¬†invite you to tread gently over the lands we call home, soaking in the vibrant tapestry of our traditions and natural beauty.

Be a Local, Not a Tourist
With Mediterras, you’re not just passing through; you’re becoming part of the community. Our tours are carefully crafted to let you experience life as we live it. Savor local cuisines, laugh with the artisans, and dance to the rhythms that have echoed through these lands for centuries.

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A view from Masua during a bike tour in Sardinia

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