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Experience your tailor-made tour by bike in Italy, France, Croatia, Spain, and more...

What a Bespoke bike Tour is?

A cycling adventure tailored just for you – whether with friends, family, as a couple, or exploring solo. Choose your preferred dates and ride difficulty level that suits your abilities. Benefit from expert insights from our local guides, who know the best routes, must-see attractions, and tasty restaurants. Discover the ultimate bespoke bike tour experience with Mediterras, meticulously crafted by our local cycling guides in collaboration with you.

Bespoke bike tour key-points:

  • You can choose the dates that work best for you.
  • You can choose the places that you want to visit.
  • You can choose the level of difficulty that you are comfortable with.
  • You can get to know other cyclists who share your interests.
  • You can learn about the local culture and history.
  • You can choose the type of accommodation that you prefer.

Why Choosing a Bespoke Bike Tour?


A bespoke bike tour is customized to your exact needs and preferences, such as the length and difficulty of the rides, the type of terrain, and bike type. We design custom bike tours with road, trekking and e-bikes in Sardinia, Sicily, Puglia, Tuscany and all Mediterranean destinations.


We are locals, and we are passionate about our lands. We’ll help you choose the right route, find the best accommodation, and arrange all the necessary logistics. This takes the stress out of planning a trip and allows you to focus on enjoying the ride.


We are locals, and we are in love with our lands. We’ll help you choose the right route, find the best accommodation, and arrange all the necessary logistics. No planning stress, no hours browsing here and there, focus on enjoying your bespoke bike tour.

Peace of mind

We are a licensed Tour Operator with over 15 years of experience organizing bespoke bike tours in Italy, France, Croatia, and Spain. This allows you to relax and enjoy the experience.

Where I can ride a bespoke bike tour?

Simply in all Mediterranean areas such as Sardinia, Corsica, Sicily, Mallorca, Dolomites, and much more.

Let’s design your custom tour by bicycle together:

Find here some ideas for your next bike tour.

A Bespoke bike tour in Sardinia

Change your landscape every single day!

Masua by bike in SardiniaSardinia is perfect for a bike trip: stunningly beautiful landscapes that change corner by corner, hill by hill, low traffic backroads, crystal-clear waters, and rich cultural heritage. The best way to discover this Meditarranean island is, of course, from your bicycle saddle. You’ll also get a chance to explore the local villages, taste the delicious Sardinian cuisine, and meet friendly locals along the way. Cycling in Sardinia, one of the World Blu Zone, is a unique and unforgettable experience that will leave you with lasting memories.

For more info about cycling in Sardinia, please check our dedicated page. You can pick one of our ready-to-book bike tour in Sardinia, or have a tailor-made bicycle trip designing with our local guides: your bespoke tour in Sardinia.

A Bespoke bike tour in Sicily

Pedal your way between history and beauty.

Cannoli, Sicily dessert

Is there another island in the world as rich in history, culture, landscapes, and friendly locals as Sicily? With a bespoke bike tour in Sicily, you can cycle among the wonders of the Baroque and Roman and Greek ruins. Refuel with its sweets and food, like Cannoli or Pistacchio or Pizza Calzone. Taste their famous wines like Nero d’Avola and Perricone. Climb with your bike on the highest active Vulcano of Europe, the Etna.

You can experience all that by crossing its countryside and villages on your bicycle.

More info about cycling in Sicily are in the dedicated page. Check our ready-to-book bike tour in Sicily, or have a tailor-made bicycle trip designing with our local guides: your bespoke tour in Sicily.

A Bespoke bike tour in Tuscany

With your bike between vineyards and castles.

Cycling in Tuscany Countryside

Cycling in Tuscany is a must for all cycle tourists. A bike trip in Tuscany means exploring Chianti with its vineyards, its hills and its “white roads” (the famous gravel roads of Tuscany) feeling like a Renaissance traveler. Your overnights accommodations will be Florence, San Gimignano, the Manhattan of the Middle Ages, Montalcino, Siena and more, where you can have dinner “al fresco” in a charming downtown square.

Beauty, culture, good food and good wine are everywhere!

More info about cycling in Tuscany are in the dedicated page. Check our ready-to-book bike tour in Tuscany, or have a tailor-made bicycle trip designing with our local guides: your bespoke tour in Tuscany.

A Bespoke bike tour around Mediterranean sea

Warm destinations, rich in history, food, wine, and landscapes at your pace, as you need.
Cycling in puglia between trulli
The olive grove of Italy
Cycling trip in Puglia

A bike tour in Puglia means pedaling along beautiful countryside surrounded by olive trees and vineyards. Your bike trip will take you to discover cities rich in history and traditions such as Alberobello and its Trulli or Matera and its famous “Sassi” in Basilicata, both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

More info
A nice view of Dalmatia during your bike tour
Cycling from island to island in Dalmatia
Cycling trip in Croatia

The Croatian coastline is a cycling paradise. From Split, take a ferry or rent a private boat. You’ll discover its Venetian heritage, its pure nature, and its tasty food, cycling on car-free backroads on its islands. Celebrete your bike tour in Croatia in Dubrovnik, a UNESCO heritage site since 1979.

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Cycling the Giro's iconic climbs
Cycling the Giro's iconic climbs
Dolomites Cycling Trip

Dolomites are the UNESCO-listed Italian Alps. Cycling here offers a magical experience. Feel like you’re at the Giro, climb the switchbacks to the pass, cycling on mountainous landscapes, rugged valleys, and ancient forests, relax after biking with tasty local food: the enchanting backdrop of your bike trip.

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Lighthouse of Cap de Formentor Mallorca Spain around Sunset
The bike tourism capital
Cycling trip Mallorca

Mallorca is a paradise for bike enthusiasts. Thousands of cycle tourists reach this vibrant Mediterranean island to ride along its soaring mountains, sparkling seas, and beautifully paved roads. Paella, tortillas, and vino tinto complete your bespoke bike tour.

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More ideas and destinations for your bespoke bike tour in Mediterranean sea, are in the Bike Tour Destinations page. If you don’t find your dream destination, just answer a few questions here, we can design your bike tour where, when and as you want. Book a call with our local guides.


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