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We organize Self-Guided bike tours in Sardinia, Sicily, Tuscany, Puglia, and other Mediterranean destinations such as Spain, Croatia, France and Albania. Click the button below to show all Self-Guided bike tours ready-to-book.

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What a Self-Guided Bike Tour is?

A Self-Guided Bike Tour is a type of cycling adventure where you have the freedom to plan and navigate at your pace. Our dedicated tour guide and support team will handle hotel bookings, logistics, and baggage transport, ensuring you enjoy a hassle-free and carefree experience.

What is included in a Self-Guided cycling Tour?

  • Assistance on choosing the right tour for you
  • Rooms Reservations on bike Hotels
  • Navigation System with Route Notes and Maps with Elevation Gains
  • Baggages Transport
  • Bike Delivery onsite and Professional Bike Fitting
  • Baggage Transfers
  • Sightseeing, Restaurant and Shopping Suggestions

Why choosing a Self-Guided Bike Tour?


Opportunity to customize your journey. Whether you want a short or extended trip, prefer challenging terrains or leisurely rides, or wish to focus on specific attractions, a self-guided bike tour can be tailored to suit your preferences.


Self-guided bike tours often offer more cost-effective options compared to guided tours. You can choose accommodation, dining, and activities that fit your budget, making it easier to control your overall expenses.


Self-guided bike tours grant you a sense of independence and empowerment. You make the decisions, from route selection to sightseeing stops, creating a more personalized and fulfilling experience.

Less Pressure

Without the pressure of keeping up with a group or following a guide, you can ride at a comfortable pace and take breaks as needed. This can lead to a more relaxed and enjoyable experience, free from the stress of time constraints.

Adventure and Discovery

Planning and navigating your own bike tour can be an adventure in itself. It allows you to explore unfamiliar places, discover new landscapes, and gain a sense of accomplishment as you successfully navigate the route.

Immersive Experience

Cycling at your own pace allows you to immerse yourself fully in the destination. You can interact with locals, experience local culture, and discover hidden gems off the beaten path that might be overlooked in guided tours.



Talk with our local guides about every aspect of participating in a self-guided cycling tour: the briefing, luggage transfers, and assistance. Learn how our navigation system functions — it’s not just a simple GPS but a virtual guide always at your side. Lastly, discover our commitment to full customization and the sense of freedom that this style of bike holiday offers.

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