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We organize guided bike tours in Sardinia, Sicily, Croatia, Albania, and other Mediterranean destinations such as Mallorca, Dolomites, Corsica and Amalfi Coast. Scheduled and bespoke private dates. Click the button below to show all Guided bike tours ready-to-book.

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What a Guided Bike Tour is?

A guided bike tour is a cycling holiday where you ride alongside a guide who leads you on a pre-planned route. These tours, designed for cyclists of various skill levels and needs, offer numerous advantages compared to simply renting a bike and exploring on your own.

Such a cycling tour allows participants to discover new places, immerse themselves in the local culture, and enjoy a carefree cycling experience with our knowledgeable and trained guides.

During your guided bike tour, you’ll be accompanied by a cycling guide eager to share the insights of his region. Support is provided by a van stocked with water, electrolytes, and snacks. If you prefer, you can hop in the van to bypass the toughest climbs. Your tour also includes a daily picnic lunch with local, fresh products, dinners at select hotels or restaurants serving traditional cuisine, and shuttle services to and from the airport.

What is included in a Guided cycling Tour?

  • Cycling guide riding with you
  • Van support with water, electrolytes and snacks
  • Daily picnic lunch
  • Dinners at hotel or restaurants featuring traditional food

Why Choosing a Guided Bike Tour?

Expert Guides

The tour is led by experts with knowledge of local culture. They are lovers of their local cultural and biking trails. They help with useful tips, historical information and they ensure safety during the rides.

Pre-Planned Routes

We design and plan the cycling routes in advance, focusing on landscapes, hills, traffic, and cultural attractions. These routes are optimized for cycling safely and funnily.

Safety and Assistance

Safety is a priority on guided bike tours. The guide can help you on-road, like with a flat tire or major problems. Helps you with navigation, and any emergencies that may come. Travelers on a guided tour are focused only on cycling and exploring carefree.

Logistics and Support

We take care of logistics, accommodations, meals, and transportation. We provide a support vehicle that travels with the group, carrying supplies, and spare parts, and assisting cyclists if needed.

Cultural Experiences

Guided bike tours often include cultural experiences, such as visits to local landmarks, historic sites, and interactions with the local community. This enriches the travel experience beyond just cycling.

Group Dynamics

Guided bike tours usually have a group dynamic, offering participants the chance to connect with like-minded individuals who share a passion for cycling and travel. This social aspect enhances the overall journey.

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Talk with our local guides about every aspect of participating in a guided cycling tour: the day flow, the rides you’ll do, the group dynamic, the hotels, and the assistance. Learn how much focus on local experience are our guides. Lastly, discover our commitment to full customization and the sense of freedom that this style of bike holiday offers.

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