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Corsica emerges as a rugged mountain amidst captivating waters, earning its Greek moniker, “Kallistè,” meaning “the most beautiful.” It truly stands as a prime destination for active tourism enthusiasts.

Charming Villages

Cycling through Corsica allows you to explore its picturesque villages and towns. You can immerse yourself in the island’s rich culture, stop at local cafés, and interact with friendly locals as you pedal through charming streets

Varied Terrain

Corsica offers a range of cycling challenges, from gentle coastal routes to demanding mountain climbs. Whether you’re a leisure cyclist or a seasoned rider, there are routes suitable for every skill level, ensuring an enjoyable biking experience for all.

Adventure and Exploration

Biking in Corsica provides a sense of adventure and exploration. You can discover hidden coves, secluded beaches, and remote hiking trails that are only accessible by bike, allowing you to connect with the island’s natural beauty on a deeper level.

Spectacular Scenery

Corsica boasts diverse landscapes, from dramatic coastal cliffs to lush forests and challenging mountain passes. Cycling allows you to intimately experience this breathtaking scenery, offering unparalleled views along the way.

Cycling in Corsica

Untamed, Intensity, Secluded Shores, and Coastlines.

Corsica is renowned as the “l’Île de Beauté” (the Island of Beauty), but we prefer to call it the “Island of Unbridled Beauty.”

Embracing its distinct identity, Corsica boasts a unique culture and traditions that set it apart from the rest of France. This island will enchant you with the unspoiled grandeur of its mountainous terrain and pristine coastal vistas, creating a genuine haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

Can cyclists feel safe while riding in Corsica?

Cycling in Corsica is generally safe due to several factors:

  1. Cyclist-Friendly Infrastructure: Corsica has made efforts to become more cyclist-friendly, with dedicated bike lanes, well-marked cycling routes, and accommodations that cater to cyclists. These initiatives enhance safety by providing designated spaces for cyclists.

  2. Low Traffic Density: Outside of major urban areas, Corsica has relatively low traffic density, especially on rural roads and mountainous terrain. This reduces the risk of accidents and allows cyclists to enjoy the road with less congestion.

  3. Respectful Drivers: Corsican drivers are generally respectful and accustomed to sharing the road with cyclists. They often give ample space and exercise caution when passing, making it safer for cyclists.

  4. Varied Terrain: Corsica’s diverse terrain offers a range of cycling options. Cyclists can choose routes that match their skill level and preferences, allowing for safer and more enjoyable rides.

  5. Scenic Routes: The island’s stunning landscapes provide cyclists with ample opportunities for scenic routes. This can be a motivating factor for both cyclists and drivers to exercise caution and enjoy the beauty of the surroundings.

However, it’s essential for cyclists to always prioritize safety by wearing appropriate gear, following traffic rules, and being vigilant while on the road. Additionally, checking local cycling regulations and weather conditions is advisable to ensure a safe and enjoyable cycling experience in Corsica.

Al mattino presto si vede la Corsica: sembra una nave carica di montagne, sospesa laggiù all’orizzonte.

Italo Calvino

What are the best routes for a cycling tour in Corsica?

Corsica, with its stunning landscapes and challenging terrain, offers fantastic cycling opportunities for riders of various levels. Here are some of the best cycling routes for a tour in Corsica:

  1. Corsican Coastline Tour: Explore the island’s beautiful coastline by cycling along the scenic coastal roads. The route takes you through picturesque fishing villages, sandy beaches, and rugged cliffs. Be sure to include the iconic Calvi to Porto route, offering breathtaking sea views.

  2. Climb the Col de Bavella: For experienced cyclists seeking a challenge, the Col de Bavella is a must. This mountain pass in the Bavella Massif offers steep climbs and dramatic views. The descent rewards riders with stunning vistas of the Corsican interior.

  3. Cap Corse Loop: Ride around the northern tip of the island, known as Cap Corse. This loop takes you through charming coastal villages, vineyards, and historic sites. The route offers a mix of flat terrain and rolling hills.

  4. Balagne Region: Explore the picturesque Balagne region, known as the “Garden of Corsica.” Ride through olive groves, vineyards, and historic hilltop towns like Calvi and Lumio. This area provides a mix of flat and hilly terrain.

  5. The Interior Mountains: Corsica’s interior is a haven for mountain biking enthusiasts. The GR20 hiking trail can be adapted for cycling, providing an adventurous off-road experience through rugged landscapes and dense forests.

  6. Ajaccio to Bonifacio: Cycle along the western coast of Corsica, starting in Ajaccio and heading south to Bonifacio. This route offers diverse scenery, including coastal vistas, forested areas, and historic sites.

  7. Corsican Wine Route: If you’re a wine enthusiast, consider cycling through the vineyards of Corsica. Visit wineries in regions like Patrimonio, known for its excellent wines. The terrain is generally manageable, with rolling hills.

  8. Calanques de Piana: Explore the stunning Calanques de Piana, a UNESCO World Heritage site, on two wheels. This route offers dramatic limestone cliffs and beautiful coastal views.

4 Things you can't miss

Visiting Corsica

Sea-front fortified towns

Corsica is dotted with charming historic towns that showcase its rich heritage. Visit Ajaccio, the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, and wander its old town streets. Explore Calvi with its impressive citadel overlooking the sea, and stroll through Bonifacio’s picturesque narrow streets perched on cliffs.

Taste Corsican Cuisine

Corsican cuisine is a treat for food lovers. Savor local specialties like Corsican charcuterie, including figatellu (pork liver sausage), and Corsican cheese, especially the renowned brocciu. Don’t miss trying wild boar dishes and sampling Corsican wines, such as the famous Patrimonio wines.



Taste the Local Pietra beer

Trying Petra beer in Corsica is worth it for a taste of the island’s local brewing tradition and unique flavors, brewed with local chestnut flour.

Hike the GR20

Embark on one of the most famous long-distance hiking trails in Europe, the GR20. This challenging trail takes you through the rugged Corsican mountains, offering breathtaking vistas, pristine lakes, and the chance to experience the island’s wild side. You can opt for shorter day hikes or complete the entire trail if you’re an experienced hiker.

3 Books to read about Corsica

The Corsican Brothers

Alexandre Dumas

The Isle of Unrest

Henry Seton Merriman

The Corsican Lovers

Charles Felton Pidgin

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