Memories from a tour season

A very intense active season is (almost) over, I’ve met so many people in several tours in Sardinia and Europe, doing a job that, after 15 years, still excites me.


It’s quite a challenge to summarize all of that on a blog page, I’ll pick among the best moments of my Sardinian tours.


  • The friendly welcome of Su Gologone hotel, always a magical place. And please, don’t let me drink sooo much Nepente ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • The smile and helpfulness of Serena, Paola, Simona, Antonella at Aquae Sinis hotel, and the picnic at the terrace it’s a must!
  • T-Hotel competence, not to mention the view over Castello quarter at sunrise…the joy of early wake up to say good bye to guests.


  • That’s easy…S’Apposentu restaurant. Amazing food, perfect service, sharp timing, never an imperfection, even nice and kind people…almost annoying :))
  •, nice place in Cagliari, contents and beauty. Good, fresh, healthy and nice looking food, bravo!
  • Riccardo Porceddu at Antica Dimora del Gruccione: move a chef from Monserrato to Santu Lussurgiu and you’ll get the coolest Jazz-chef of the island.
  • The ladies at Ristorante Pedra Longa in Baunei, what a vegan menu!


  • Sedilesu family in Mamoiada during grape harvest, a true celebration of a whole community.
  • Mauro Contini and protection of Vernaccia, among the oldest and sacred grapes of Sardinia.
  • Mr. Emidio Oggianu, with his Malvasia and wisdom : โ€œ Mr. Emidio, cold you imagine that this guy has 174k employees?? โ€œWhat an headache!”


  • Lisa from Utah, that lost credit card, money and documents at airport departure, but still made her journey to here and had a great holiday. Resolute!
  • Emanuela from Milano, with us the third time, and back in 2016 for โ€œThe Mediterranean Rideโ€. Do you love Sardinia??
  • The owner and director of that famous new yorker newspaper (yes, exactly that one), happy to be in Sardinia, and I even thought him my wild-boar joke ๐Ÿ™‚


  • Angela, our shuttle driver in the north west, that bakes for us as a surprise the dilicious โ€œpanadinasโ€. If you want discover it just book a tour with us ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Giovanni, that recognize a guest of us from the jersey, and during a head wind day escorts him with his van for 20 km till the hotel.
  • Antonello, shepherd in Mamoiada, that invites us in his home to offer us his own cheese.


  • Nicola, able to find the right trek in the right place: not even a rain drop, while few kms away it’s raining cats and dogs. He rocks!
  • Laura and her scenic picnics, from Montiferru to Cala Luna, of course with the right music too!
  • Cristina: how to add charm to any tour.

Memorable rides

Well…this is harder…too many choices


  • Riding all the way from Montevecchio to Pula, during a hot day with headwind, yet having enough โ€œfuelโ€ to pull three former English marines 6,2 foot tall. Mystical experience.
  • The serene magic of Meilogu area during our Randonnee last may.
  • The whole Gennargentu Loop, 170 km and 3500 meters of climbing. Why was it so cool? Because I was driving the van ๐Ÿ™‚

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