Trullidea, Alberobello

Trullidea operates as a unique hotel made up of 15th-century trulli structures in Alberobello’s historic center, located in the Rione Monti district. These unique buildings, made of limestone with typical cone-shaped roofs, complete the inheritance of the city—distinguished as a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to the spread and good conservation of the trulli.

Offering a mixture of traditional home comforts and hotel kind of amenities, this accommodation makes guests feel engulfed in local culture and history—as belonging to the place rather than being just a visitor. Each of the trullos will be a gate for the guests to live in the unique artistic and architectural environment of a village by inhabiting it with local people.

The concept of the scattered hotel arises from the sensitive, original restoration of the existing residential structures, emphasizing the authenticity and original features.

The Trulli closest to the central reception are the best interpreters of the philosophy of development: community and relation. Next to the reception is, in fact, a kind of socializing place that hosts the bar, the breakfast room, and the relaxation room with internet access. Modern-day amenities, such as cleaning of rooms, fresh linens, and room service for breakfast, add on to the stay. There are no televisions and telephones, intentionally not placed there, to urge guests to fully engage with the place.

The experience with Trullidea gets to the bottom of the ancient community and cultural spirit of Alberobello, kept alive for millennia, which guests might also be interested in through optional local guides and experiences. Besides, the availability of Wi-Fi will make it easier for the customers to stay in touch with the hotel management in the time of need and emergency; this, for sure, will make their stay more comfortable and memorable.

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