The Big loop of Sardinia | Self-Guided Bike Tour


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14 days / 13 nights
Availability : All Year

Description of The Big loop of Sardinia | Self-Guided Bike Tour

This Sardinia bike tour is a cycling holiday covering the island by riding from the south to the east, from north to west. You’ll be surprised by how much the landscapes, flavors, and people change just by riding your bike along this small continent.

Your bike tour in Sardinia will blend the eastern coastline, with its picturesque white sandy beaches, with the enigmatic inland, characterized by old rocks, vast pastures, and proud people. The food, land, and traditions of this area have made it one of the Blue Zones of the planet, where people live longer.

Riding towards the north, you’ll reach the Gallura, famous for its granite, cork, and the glamour of the Costa Smeralda. Cycling down towards Alghero along the west coast, often lashed by the Mistral winds, will surprise you. Here, you’ll understand why more and more cyclists choose Sardinia for their holiday biking adventures. This could be an adventure of a lifetime!

What to expect when riding the entire loop of Sardinia by bike?

  • Pedaling with sea view
  • Limestone cliffs and Mountains of Sardinia
  • The marvelous Alghero-Bosa and Sinis Peninsula
  • The wild Costa Verde and the history of Mines
  • The Granits and Glamour of Gallura
  • A new landscape every single day

Bike Tour Photos

Bike Tour Details

Tour Name

The Big loop of Sardinia | Self-Guided Bike Tour

Tour Departure / Arrival

From Cagliari to Pula

Level of Support

Self-Guided Bike Tour

A Self-Guided Bike Tour is a type of cycling adventure where you have the freedom to plan and navigate at your pace. Our dedicated tour guide and support team will handle hotel bookings, logistics, and baggage transport, ensuring you enjoy a hassle-free and carefree experience.

Cycling Style


Stages from 90 km per day with at least 1300 mt of climbing per day. Those tours are designed for avid cyclists that belong to the local club and ride regularly. Usually, you are back at the hotel late afternoon.

Daily mileage

90 km / day

Suggested Airports

In: Cagliari (Google Map)

Out: Cagliari (Google Map)

Bike Tour Map
Bike Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival in Cagliari

Your Sardinia bike tour starts from its capital, Cagliari. The city has 3,000 years of history, founded by the Phoenicians. Because of its position in the middle of the west Mediterranean Sea, it has been a strategic spot for Romans, Spaniards, Pisans, and unified Italy. Its name in the Sardinian language is “Casteddu”, meaning the Castle. You’ll realize why during the short private drive from the airport to your downtown hotel. After checking in and receiving an in-depth day-to-day explanation of your bike tour in Sardinia, as well as completing the bike fitting, you’ll start riding on a safe, scenic bike path. Discover the seafront, the natural park of Molentargius, and the 7 km beach of Poetto, where you can celebrate the first day of your Sardinia bike tour with an ice cream by the beach!

Today, Cagliari is a lively city. Dining in its old “Marina” district, a melting pot place, offers an experience that showcases a unique cooking style more rooted in Spanish culture than Italian. Unlike most other stops on your bike holiday in Sardinia, which are meat-oriented, in Cagliari, you’ll enjoy lots of fresh fish, seafood, and sea urchins, along with handmade pasta, local olive oil, and local wines like the elegant red Monica and the yellow-white Nuragus. What a wonderful start to your Sardinia Big Loop bike tour!

Overnight: Cagliari

Day 2: From Cagliari to Muravera | Cycling 95Km/1100m

Leaving Cagliari toward the east coast, you’ll first ride along the entire 11 km stretch of the vibrant Poetto beach, where locals spend their free time eating, drinking, surfing, tanning, and overall enjoying themselves.

For the first leg of your Sardinia bike tour, you have three options:

The stunning old Route 125: A 70 km ride through the mountains on a hilly, well-paved road with minimal traffic – a biker’s paradise.
The second one is a fantastic coastal ride, a never-ending series of ups and downs along a succession of impressive cliffs and beaches with crystal waters, such as Porto Sa Ruxi, Solanas, Torre delle Stelle, Geremeas, Mari Pintau, Cala Regina.
For your third option, you can add a breathtaking coastal ride between Castiadas and Villasimius, offering views of Isola di Serpentara.

Your final destination is Muravera, known as the land of citrus in Sardinia.

Overnight: Muravera
Included: Breakfast

Day 3: From Muravera to Orroli | Cycling 80Km/1700m

Leaving Muravera, you’ll pedal through fields of citrus trees and olive plantations, gradually ascending into the core of the Gerrei mountains, following the Flumendosa River from its mouth to the lake. As we approach the plateau, our bike ride brings us to Orroli, a town renowned for its longevity in Sardinia.

The surrounding lands of this village are home to the Nuraghe Arrubiu megalithic structure, which stands out among the approximately 7,000 nuraghe scattered across the island. A “Nuraghe” is an ancient megalithic edifice in Sardinia, characterized by its tower-like shape and built primarily during the Bronze Age. These structures, unique to the region, served various purposes, including religious, military, and residential functions.

Overnight: Orroli
Included: Breakfast

Day 4: From Orroli to Villanova Strisaili | Cycling 80Km/1700m

Today is the day to conquer the mountain peaks! Departing from Muravera, you’ll cycle towards the Flumendosa Valley and the Gennargentu mountain. Once you reach Sadali and take a break by its quaint waterfall, your Sardinia bike tour continues along a road with Sardinia’s highest mountains to your left and the iconic “Tacchi” to your right.

The “Tacchi Ogliastrini” are prominent limestone plateaus in Sardinia, marked by their striking white cliffs and distinct shapes, reflecting the region’s dramatic and picturesque terrain. Your final stop is a charming hotel nestled in a beautiful forest.

Overnight: Barisardo
Included: Breakfast

Day 5: From Villanova Strisaili to Cala Gonone | Cycling 80Km/1200m

Do you remember the first leg of your Sardinia bike tour? The peaceful feeling when riding your bike between mountains along the old 125 Route? Well, today, you’ll be back on this iconic road, riding one of its best parts. Leaving Villanova Strisaili, you’ll gently go downhill to the village of Urtzulei. There, you’ll begin your climb on the Gulf of Orosei. This part of Sardinia is a limestone cliff overlooking the sea. You will pedal over it, climbing up to the “Ghenna e Silana” pass, from where the Gorropu Canyon begins, one of the largest in Europe. From there, you will first descend gently and then more and more quickly towards Cala Gonone, the capital of active tourism in Sardinia.

Overnight: Cala Gonone
Included: Breakfast

Day 6: From Cala Gonone to Siniscola | Cycling 85Km/1700m

Today’s bike ride begins with a challenging ascent. As we pedal upwards, a series of bends offer you a unique view of the landscape. Crossing the tunnel again, we find ourselves back on the iconic SS125, our mate as for many other cyclists on this Big Loop of Sardinia bike tour. Venturing further inland, our destination is the quaint town of Lula. But the true gem of today’s ride awaits just beyond – the magnificent rocky walls of Monte Albo. This dolomitic doline stretches impressively across the horizon, and we’ll cycle alongside it. The road, surrounded by lush greenery, traces the base of these towering peaks. And just when you think the journey couldn’t get any better, it culminates in a thrilling 15km descent, leading us all the way back to the sea at to the welcoming town of Siniscola.

Overnight: Siniscola
Included: Breakfast

Day 7: From Siniscola to Cannigione | Cycling 110Km/1300m

You are reaching the most touristic area of Sardinia. The first part of your ride is a scenic road dotted by resorts and the majestic shape of Tavolara island, a limestone marvel that stands tall from the sea. Your big loop follows to the north, and the landscape transitions into the heart of Gallura. This region is renowned for its unique granite formations, each with its peculiar shape, telling tales of nature’s artistry. Sprawling vineyards, the deep red hues of cork oaks, and the beauty of the countryside surround the route. As the day’s ride draws to a close, you’ll find yourself in Cannigione. Here, the emerald waters and pristine beaches of the famed Costa Smeralda await, offering a glamorous end to a day filled with nature’s wonders.

Overnight: Cannigione
Included: Breakfast

Day 8: From Cannigione to Castelsardo | Cycling 100Km/1700m

Your bike holiday in Sardinia follows towards the Limbara Mountain range. The route takes you through charming villages and past meticulously maintained vineyards. Beyond Aggius, a scenic town in Gallura, the path descends into Valle della Luna, or ‘moon valley’. This region of Sardinia presents a vast open space dotted with minimal vegetation rising from granite rock formations. This valley serves as a bridge between Gallura and the Anglona. A gentle, extended downhill bike ride through the rural landscape brings you to the village of Santa Maria Coghinas and finally again by the sea at Valledoria. A brief ascent later, you’ll find yourself in Castelsardo, offering a splendid view of the historic Doria fortress perched on a cliff.

Overnight: Castelsardo
Included: Breakfast

Day 9: From Castelsardo to Alghero | Cycling 80km 500m

We’ll leave Castelsardo following the coastal road towards the west, passing the long beach of Platamona and reaching the old town of Porto Torres, one of the most important ports on the island. Here we will head towards the Nurra plains, where, riding countryside back roads, we’ll reach Alghero, a Catalan heritage town. Alghero has a typical network of narrow streets and old ramparts overlooking the sea, perfect for a charming oceanfront dinner.

Overnight: Alghero
Included: Breakfast

Day 10: From Alghero to Cabras | Cycling 105Km/1500m

Today, you start riding the West Coast of your Sardinia bike tour. You’ll head south with a great ride along a coastline that reminds you of the Californian Big Sur and its dramatic beauty. The 45 Km stretch separating Alghero from Bosa is one of the most scenic itineraries when cycling in Sardinia. The road looks almost like a terrace suspended over the ocean, backed by majestic volcanic mountains.

After a tasty break in the colorful Bosa, you’ll ride inland through the Montiferru area and its pristine countryside, where silence is broken just by flock bells and the landscape looks like a painting. Our stage ends in Cabras, a village built among lagoons with incredible shining light.

Must do: a dinner based on handmade Pasta with local Bottarga, followed by local Mullet.

Overnight: Cabras
Included: Breakfast

Day 11: From Cabras to Buggerru | Cycling 100Km/1500m

Another spectacular ride, passing on the Marceddì lagoon, a place that seems frozen in time. Then, the majestic Costa Verde (the Green Coast) is quite a movie location thanks to the old mining villages and sandy dunes. This is considered one of the wildest areas on the island.

The next stint of your bike ride is about old ghosts mining villages, uphill surrounded by Mediterranean bushes and sandy beaches with dunes that seem deserts. A thrilling downhill finally brings you back to the sea level before our last effort to get Buggerru, an ancient mining village nestled in a cove on the coast. Here you’ll have your dinner in a very local trattoria.

Overnight: Buggerru
Included: Breakfast Lunch Dinner

Day 12: From Buggerru to Sant'Antioco | Cycling 90Km/990m

Today’s ride on your Sardinia bike tour is another beautiful one with the sea by your side. You’ll start climbing again from Buggerru to reach the top of the hill in Acquaresi where you take a long downhill into the blue sea of Masua, admiring the magnificent Pan di Zucchero (Sugarloaf). This white limestone rock rises from the sea. Then, you continue your ride to Nebida, where walking on the seaside terrace is a must. Down again to Funtanamare beach and along the coast to Portoscuso. There, you catch the first ferry of the day to Carloforte, a Mediterranean gem where Ligurian, African, and Sardinian cultures blend harmoniously. The second ferry of your day brings you to Calasetta on Sant’Antioco island, where, after a short ride, you’ll reach the Sant’Antioco Village, your destination for tonight.

Overnight: Sant’Antioco
Included: Breakfast Dinner

Day 13: From Sant'Antioco to Pula | Cycling 85Km/990m

We’ve told you this Sardinia bike tour has plenty of beauty. So what’s more marvelous than riding the southern Sardinia coast by bike?

After a few km, we’ll be enchanted by the neat Romanesque-Pisan architecture of the Cathedral of Tratalias in the ghost village of Tratalias Vecchia. We’ll cross the Sulcis countryside through artichoke fields and Carignano vineyards, a wine you can find just in this area.

After a stop for a wine tasting and a picnic by the impressive “Is Zuddas” caves, the ride follows the succession of secret coves and ancient Spanish watching towers, overlooking a sea with all shades of blue and green. The up and down ends in Chia, one of the most gorgeous beaches on the whole island, then we have just 15 km of peaceful countryside until the legendary Nora, the Phoenician town conquered by the Romans, one of the most important settlements of ancient Mediterranean.

Overnight: Pula
Included: Breakfast

Day 14: Shuttle and departure from Cagliari

It’s time to say goodbye, but we know our Island touched your heart, and you want to be back in Sardinia or one of Mediterras’ bike tour destinations with us!
After breakfast, we’ll help you with bikes and luggage and a shuttle to Cagliari airport, which is just 30 minutes from Pula.
Ciao Amici, ci vedremo ancora!

Bike Tour Price

Quote per Person

  • From € 1870

What's included

  • 13 nights in charming and luxury hotels
  • 13 breakfast
  • Welcome meeting and tour briefing on day 1
  • Maps, route notes or GPS tracks & Navigation System
  • Luggage transportation inn2inn
  • Telephone assistance
  • Transfer in/out from/to Cagliari airport

What's not included

  • Local Taxes (approx. 15 €)
  • Wine & beverages
  • Any Private Expenses


  • High Season + 500 € (Jun 26-Sep 07)
  • Single Room + 400 €
  • Solo Traveler + 700 €


  • Water bottle
  • T-Shirt


You can bring your own bike or rent one from us, we offer great bikes from selected Italian and international brands: road bikes, leisure cycling, mountain bikes, e-bikes, all in perfect working conditions. You can book your rental bike at the end of the reservation process.

  • E-bike + 450 €
  • Trekking bike + 270 €
  • Road Bike Carbon + Ultegra/105 + 450 €

Cancellation Policy

  • more than 60 days:
    100% refund of deposit
  • 60 days to 30 days:
    70% refund of the trip price will be made
  • 29 days to 15 days:
    50% refund of the trip price will be made
  • 14 days to 0 days:
    100% cancellation fee
A look at the Hotels on this Bike Tour
  • Riviera Hotel

    The first hotel built in Castelsardo, on the seafront under the walls of the Castle in front of the beach. It has a SPA and an excellent restaurant mentioned in the main gastronomic guides.

    Castelsardo - Sardinia
  • La Torre

    The ideal place to relax by the pool and enjoy the dishes of an excellent restaurant at the end of the ride.

  • L’Aragosta Hotel

    Hotel L’Aragosta in La Caletta, Siniscola, is a friendly and convenient place to stay for travelers looking to enjoy the beautiful coastal area of Siniscola in Sardinia.

    La Caletta, Siniscola - Sardinia
  • Domu Elvira

    In the center of Muravera, in the heart of Sarrabus: Domu Elvira is a traditional period house converted into a warm family hotel.

    Muravera - Sardinia
  • Hotel del Porto

    In front of the marina, surrounded by bars and restaurants. The perfect place for the arrival and departure of Cannigione


    In the wild and enchanting Costa Verde, at the top of the hill with a nice terrace with sea view.

    Torre dei Corsari - Sardinia
  • Villa Madau

    A boutique Hotel in Pula downtown in an old villa totally restored. Walking distance from Pula main square.

    Pula - Sardinia
  • Hotel Italia

    Set amid the alleyways of the old Marina quarter, where you can experience Cagliari at its most authentic.

    Cagliari - Sardinia
  • MuMA Hostel

    The MuMA is an Ecolabel hotel with a museum inside. Sea front and walking distance from the city center.

    Sant'Antioco - Sardinia

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