A taste of Med

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Cycling areas of Tuscany

Which is the best cycling area in Tuscany? The whole region offers great roads, food and a charming atmosphere, you can opt for a cycling itinerary covering many areas, or just relax and choose a cycling base in an alluring medieval village.

Cycling areas of Sicily

Which is the best cycling area in Sicily? We have an idea, but it’s difficult to choose when you have so many places to ride your bike. We loved cycling through the Baroque in the west, pedaling across the fields inland and climbing the sudden hills of the east.

Creating cycling tours in Sicily

We drove along the whole Sicily clock wise, all of that along small countryside roads, checking the hotels, restaurants and experiences we’ll propose on our Sicilian tours.
We promise, creating an active tour it’s not an exactly relaxing holiday!

Calvi to Porto – The Mediterranean Ride

Cycling through all shades of Granite Calvi coastline As soon as we leave Calvi we are along a stunning coastal road backed up by white and pink huge granite boulders. Below us small coves where sailing boats look like floating on a turquoise sea. After ten km we are...

Memories from a tour season

A very intense active season is (almost) over, I’ve met so many people in several tours in Sardinia and Europe, doing a job that, after 15 years, still excites me. It’s quite a challenge to summarize all of that on a blog page, I’ll pick among the...