Emotion, to create a really unique journey

Sardinian Experience

Well, we have designed and created a tour, every small detail has been checked and it will definitely work.

Cicloturisti a Villaurbana, Sardegna

The uniqueness of the experience is the ultimate luxury.

What can we add to transform our tour into an unique experience?
What makes an unforgettable experience is the real knowledge and love for the region from the one that design and (possibly) guides the tour.
Knowledge refers not just to roads or places, but it goes deep to the people and to the real culture of the region.
I like to use a metaphor, comparing a journey to a movie, where guests are the actors, the visited area with its people, culture and tradition is the location, and the tour leader is the director, that has to manage timing and emotion.
Ideally a tour should go better and better day by day, having the “wow” moments all along the length of the tour, with the best surprises at the end.

A bike tour is for many, but not for all.

Cycling tour guests, and generally active tourism guests, should be “active” in looking for the emotion, willing to “accept” the amount of adventure related to this way of travelling. Emotion isn’t a feeling that can be induced. I’m not just referring to the (necessary) will to pedal, because there are tours that range fro very easy to very expert, but to the will to accept the day by day of an active trip.
Like having a rainy day, arriving late at the hotel, having a mechanical problem and so on. It’s this kind of situations that often give us the best memories of a tour.
So, if you book an active holiday, allow yourself a bit of room for the unexpected, and you’ll find emotion in every moment of your experience.

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