Chia beach Sardinia
Chia beach Sardinia


Agrifood, Archeology, Landscapes and beaches.

Enigmatic Island with proud traditions, holds many different pristine landscapes.

A region that is becoming more known for being one of seven Blue Zones of the world, places where people live longer.
It looks like wine was invented here, about 3500 years ago, and you’ll want to discover more about this fascinating history.

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Some of our tours in Sardinia

Sardinia, the Tuerredda beach

South Sardinia

| Cycling & Food | Relax | Casual | Point-to-point |

Mild weather, scents of Africa, Phoenician towns, great wines and outstanding sandy beaches: that’s the South of Sardinia. Indulge yourself with a short break in the heart of Mediterranean.


Olive Oil Tasting in Sardinia

Sardinia Blue Zone

| Walking & Food | Relax | Casual | Point-to-point |

Sardinians greet each other by saying, “A kent’annos” — “May you live to be a hundred.” Descendants of a mysterious ancient people, Sardinians are twice as likely to become centenarians than other populations. Could the answer be Sardinia’s Slow Food-style cooking? Its heart-healthy red wine? The outdoor exercise that comes with shepherding? A visit to this Mediterranean island, where people treat food with sacred respect, reveals the secrets of longevity.


Sardinia, the Alghero Bosa by bike

From Alghero to Cabras

| Cycling | Active | Casual | Point-to-point |

A charming and relaxing holiday along easy routes, starting from Alghero to discover the most beautiful landscapes in north-western Sardinia. During this tour you’ll enjoy delicious food specialties and wines of the west coast of this enchanting island.


Cannonau wine in Sardinia

The Green Coast

| Cycling | Relax | Casual | Point-to-point |

A nice ride discovering the south west coast of Sardinia: the Costa Verde. Forget the big tourist resorts, this area of Sardinia is still totally intact and keeps the marks of the mining economy, flourishing until a few decades ago. In the second part of the tour we will ride in the two islands, San Pietro and Sant’Antioco, with their fishing traditions, and in the fabulous South Coast, famous for its beaches. The last evening we’ll be in Cagliari for a shopping session and the celebration dinner.


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