Palazzo dei Dondoli, Lecce

Palazzo dei Dondoli has been designed as the epitome of luxury within the confines of a bed and breakfast facility, located in the very heart of Lecce, Italy. An architectural jewel, Palazzo dei Dondoli is centuries old, etched into the stonework that forms part of it, and has now been meticulously restored to afford guests a perfect mix of historical charm and modern comfort.

As visitors walk through the fancy wrought-iron gates, they step back in time to an elegant and grand period. In each room of Palazzo dei Dondoli, the Italian design reigns, realized with selected antiques, huge tapestries, and comfortable furniture, able to melt with modern facilities inserted tactfully to ensure the highest comfort. High ceilings and tall windows let in the soft Mediterranean light, which easily floods the spaces to create an airy and inviting atmosphere.

Palazzo dei Dondoli services are outlined with mindfulness to the smallest detail, respecting and enabling the personalization of a traveler in the modern world, yet at the same time maintaining the personal approach characteristic for family-run businesses. From the concierge who arranges private tours of Lecce’s baroque cityscape to the sommelier who introduces guests to the finest Puglian wines, every interaction is designed to enrich the guest’s experience.

Mornings are graced by a gourmet breakfast in the sun-drenched courtyard, where patrons enjoy the best of local delicacies against international favorites—all made from the freshest produce sourced from nearby markets. At dusk, the view from the rooftop terrace over the city’s skyline perfects your serene evening backdrop.

Palazzo dei Dondoli is much more than a place of living; it is an invitation to treat oneself to opulence and relaxation, with every stay being a collection of memorable moments, polished with care and attention.

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