Villa Trigona, Piazza Armerina

Villa Trigona is nestled in Piazza Armerina within Sicily, and with its natural and inviting elegance, Villa Trigona harmoniously fuses the historic elegance of a classic villa with all the modern trappings of contemporary life.

The villa provides a choice of rooms and suites, all offering comfort and beauty. The surrounds are gardens in lush green foliage, providing guests with a haven of peace to unwind and relax in the wonderful climate of the Sicilian countryside.

Located just a short distance, guests will find the much-celebrated UNESCO World Heritage site of the Villa Romana del Casale, making Villa Trigona the perfect location for those who wish to uncover the region’s rich and compelling history and cultural heritage while also providing a unique and delightful oasis of attentive service and the picturesque authenticity which all combine to create a truly memorable, and indeed enchanting, Sicilian retreat.

Villa Trigona also serves as an excellent base for visitors searching for a cycling tour. The hotel is also located on the Bike across Sicily cycling route, and Sicily Baroque bike tour, providing cyclists a first-class opportunity to explore Sicily’s ever-changing landscapes and wonderfully knitted tapestry of culture, its many layers of history – and of course its fantastic food, a heritage of the fertile earth and bountiful seas that surround it – all in the most fun way of all to do so and in one of the best locations on the whole island to stop, or to start your bike tour across Sicily

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